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Nelson Rigg CL-2020 GPS Tank Bag and Tail bags

Picked this up today.

Lifetime guarantee and some features I like tho the GPS/Phone pockets I'll use for camera gear.

I have a 20 litre City Express tank bag that has served me well with my Vstrom and and the CBF1000 both of which had decent side bags and the Vstrom was a pack mules with top case and side cases but the CB500x has no top case, and I hate the look of a top case on that bike and I opted for the smaller Shad 23L side cases ( only 6lb and top loading ).

That leaves me a bit tight for multi-week touring ....even the Burgman with a 50 L top case was 110L total without side cases and I'm at 66 the way the CB500x is currently with side cases and tank bag.

I needed a tank bag for the KLR - makes it much easier to access camera gear ( my top case on The KLR is pretty small.)
This also comes with a hydration system which I won't use til I get back in Canada )

Nice rain cover and and the extra 7 litres does not sound like a lot but it all helps and it's invisible til I need it. Wickedly strong magnets these days.

Hmmm ...this is nice too tho the straps are ugly ...will be covered up by the Shad cases

Looks okay on a CB500r

That's 20 more litres and far and away enough. The question is - can I get on the bike ?? :confused::surprise:


Holds 32.81 Liters / 41.76 Liters expanded. - not much bigger foot print.

that expansion is pretty neat

decisions decisions ....sure do like the quality construction.
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