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needs a little lube ...

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my bike has developed a "mouse squeak" from the front tire. got the front tire up off the ground and spun it and it appears the squeak does not come from the bearings. so ... i am left thinking it is the spedo mechanism that needs some grease.

i have searched on here and found many many posts about this issue. what is missing (or that i have not stumbled across) is some sort of guideance re. how to go about taking the spedo gear apart to apply the grease. is there a schematic available some where for this part? i am worried about pulling it off, opening it up, and having spring loaded little bits & pcs raining down on me. does anyone know if there is a link available which deals with the process of greasing the mechanism inside the spedo unit?

as is probably obvious from this (and my other posts) this is all new to me. is this something i should really take into the shop and have them do rather than messing it up myself?

advice and insight appreciated.

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I did mine a long time ago. A manual woudld be helpful but if I recall correctly it was pretty staightforward with no spring loaded parts that can jump out at you. When you put it together you have to make sure it can't rotate. There was a tab or something that it locks into to stop from turning. (Sorry for being vague but it was a long time ago.) A bit of grease in there will take care of the issue.


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Measure as best as possible

Go to better hardware store and you will find a metric bolt who's head is the right diameter. Then vise grips or 2 nuts. If they have a big metric section there are coupling nuts where the nut is like 3 inches. Slip it in and there is still exposed hex for a wrench.

Note I always use Marine grease (water proof) on anything out in the weather.

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