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Hello folks,

Last December I posted a brief inquiry about the possibility of leaving Upstate, NY and moving to the Asheville are. My wife and I have visited and fell in love! Several members of this Board kindly and generously offered to help if and when we made the decision.

To make a long story short, we put out home on the market here about 3 weeks ago fully expecting to take a year or more to sell it. The 2nd person to see it bought it, no contingencies, closing on or about August 1!!! We are amazed and grateful.

Here's the scoop: We plan to move to the Asheville area around October 1 and rent a furnished place for up to a year -- to get a feel for the place, check out neighborhoods / communities, decide where to settle and if to buy or build, etc.

We are both professionals -- former educators. My wife is now a potter (as in ceramics) and I have a consulting business that requires me to fly to work, so proximity to the airport is a consideration.

Your advice, recommendations, tips are welcome! I ride a Wee and a Beemer so I plan to post this on the Beemer sites I frequent.

Thanks in advance!!
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