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I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to the Wee and its various luggage systems--the idea that you can mount Pelican cases (I use one for work!) to the back is unbelievable. :cool: Some of you guys have some great mods.

I've got some BMW cases from my old (sold) '04 R1150R that 4 years ago cost me close to $1grand just sittin around. Couldn't I somehow attach those to my '06 Wee? They're kinda bumpy on the bike-side, but holding them up, they look like they could work with some mods. Should I buy the SW motech racks and give it a whirl? (Then if they don't work, I could get some other cases). Is is just a matter of lining up and screwing some holes and bolting the bags to the rack? Would another rack system work better?

Also, I've got a Scorpion pipe--what will that do to the SW motech racks? Does it stick out further than stock?

Thanks for any advice :thumbup:
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