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Need a Wee!

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Hello all,
I have to admit, I never considered riding a Strom of any size. Then I realized that I wanted to do some distance touring and wanted to do it as inexpensively as possible. From all of my research and talking to buddies it looks like the Wee will be the perfect (albiet homely) ride. I did see a flat black one that looked pretty sharp though and the more I learn about the bike the better it looks. :thumbup:

Anyway, I have my heart set and will buy one just as soon as I can sell my '08 KTM 530 EXCR which I have hardly ridden over the last 2 years. If anyone is tired of their Wee and wants to trade just let me know!

Looking forward to getting to know some folks here and seeing you out and about.

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Thanks. Yeah, you're right. I saw a pic of one painted flat black and it looked great. The look is really growing on me. I hated the color of my Triumph at first, but Roulette Green is one of my favorite colors now.
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