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My Large Foot for the Sidestand

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Take 5mm Checkerplate
Cut out with saw / holesaw / plasma / whatever
Drill 2 holes
Put a gentle bend in it to shape it a bit better
Bolt to foot (I should have used countersunk hex heads - but was lazy)

On mine - it always wasn't real stable on the stand and it had tipped over once - I wanted it to lean over and put more weight on the stand.

Heat stand at thinnest point with MAPP Torch / Oxy till red (on bike)
Bend a little - presto - more lean. Accommodates for the thicker foot.
Black spraypaint covers the bit that got hot.

Tested in the Aussie outback - worked a treat in sand etc.
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Funny you should show that. I did same thing but cut the back off because it hit the Center stand. It do drag a bit in really tight twisties though.
Nice to have the confidence to park anywhere!
Everyone has a scrap of aluminum diamond plate in the garage, no?
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