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My first post

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Alright, i have been visiting the forum quite a bit lately and decided it is rude of me to do so, without signing up and properly introducing my self to all of you. Well, my name is Nick i am 23 yrs old, born and raised in Athens, Greece and currently living in Ohio. I study criminal justice at the Ohio State University and i am currently seeking for a career in law enforcement. In addition to that i am also interested in becoming an adventure rider and most importantly a V-strom rider. Which, primarily is the reason i decided to join this forum and get to know all you and hear about your strom stories and experiences which i look forward to doing so after i get done with this post. I currently ride a Kawasaki z1000 which i love and intend to keep in my garage along with my future V-strom 1000.

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Get a 650 Wee. Read the forum

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Choice of bikes is personal. Welcome Nick.
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