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My first Horizons Unlimited gathering - Dayboro Qld

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There will most likely be a few mentions or postings of the Horizons Unlimited 2011 gathering around the place, but for me it was my first...and I loved it! Preparing the bike and packing for 4 days away in the Queensland winter... beautiful.

The mandatory stopoff for morning coffee and local country pies. We had a run up on Friday from the Gold Coast on some dirt and back country roads.

There were 4 Gold Coast Stroms (all 650's) in our travelling group.

We setup camp and had Blackwidow and his wife from Brisbane join us on their DL1000 and we also had another Strom we met on the day along side us. The camp ground soon filled up with upto 100 bikes.

These were some of my favourites.

This classic BMW came across from Perth, nice guy to chat to also.

And these guys are on a world trip on this Moto Guzzi from the UK - it was a work of art, I loved it. He built it up from a bare frame. Windscreen wiper, electric winch, 2 braking systems...etc. Oh yeah and a roof! You have gotta have a roof.

There were talks from all sorts of travellers, a couple who travelled the world on a 650 Strom and loved the bike, and Travelling Strom told us of his south America trip. These guys then told us all about the Guzzi and how they built it up. They are heading anticlockwise around Australia at present.

I took the long way home over Mt Mee over to Esk and down to Toowoomba on Sunday.

Light a fire and enjoy a hot lunch and cuppa along the way - it was bloody cold.

This was a stopoff near Perseverance, lovely riding around these parts.

Two nights camping at the gathering in very cold (for Qld anyway) nights meant a night in a cabin at Toowoomba was luxury. Though $70 bucks as opposed to $7 it had better be warm.

An old rail station at Grandchester on Mondays return run to the Gold Coast.

Beaut roads for travelling on cool winter days - near Mt Walker.

The area called Rosevale is great as the short dirt section keeps away all the other bikes.

The region is called the Scenic Rim and if you get out to the back of Boonah it is geat riding, the other Stroms I travelled up with had already explored out here, but for me it was new and a great way to end a fantastic gathering and a 4 day weekend.

I hope you all get out and explore this winter. Send us some pics of the snowy areas fellas. Cheers - Trevor
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I followed a bunch of 12-15 bikes from Samford out to Dayboro on Sunday morning about 11 o'clock. I think they'd come down from Mt Nebo along the Samford Valley road. I hung back not wanting to get tied up with their ride and then I recognised a mate's Ninja outside the Dayboro butcher shop and got talking to him while the group headed for Mt Mee.

Might have been you guys because I saw the Guzzi with the roof among the group, and there wouldn't be too many of them around!

Great weather for a ride. :thumbup:

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Its the second year in a row I've wanted to go with my strom but missed the event because of work :headbang: Last year my wife went with my parents and had a ball. Maybe next year I will finally be able to get there.

Looks like you had a great trip!!!

Catch ya soon


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Horizons unlimited

Thats a great post Mustang. Bikes in the country, aaah it makes me feel alive and happy. I attended a H.U.meeting two years ago and I can't think of the name of the place. Sunshine coast area. I do remember the many bikes and the extraordinary places people visit. It was too far for me to travel this year, but I'm looking forward to Back Roads to Dubbo this coming weekend. Someone in the group will post some pics I'm sure.
Thanks again, pleased you enjoyed your first H.U.

Saturn 5....and rising!

Good to see you use the word FELLAS ..not GUYS.for crysakes

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Few more pics from the wkend.

Mustang, Howard, Oneoff and me heading south. Isn't Dayboro north?

Howard turning on to the Mt Glorius road.

Cockpit of the mighty Guzzi-mobile

Big mother DR800 single. I didn't even know there was such a beast.

Oneoff, Black Widow and Hiew having a cuppa


Traveller heading home.


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HU Meeting

Was good to catch up and get to meet the people behind the stromtrooper tags.
The mighty Strom was well represented amongst the huge variety of RTW bikes.

look forward to joining up again on an overnighter as Gary and Hew suggested.:thumbup:

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I'll add my bit..

Yep, an excellent if chilly weekend. Always good to get the gang together, and the annual HU meeting is the perfect destination. My first HU gathering but definitely not my last. The fellas have said it all and you lot just like to see pretty pictures anyway, so here's mine.

I was running a bit early for our arranged meeting point at Canungra so I took a short detour to grab a bit of scenery

The gang,

And the transport,


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A chilly morning (Sunday was worse), but a lovely, lazy day. We walked into town to hunt down a coffee shop with that "something extra", and I'm pleased to report we found just the place... after placing our order we waited close to an hour (not kidding) to receive our cold coffee and donuts deep fried in the fish and chip oil... yum, yum.

Anyway, a few shots from Saturday.

Kev & Karens Guzzi understandably attracted a lot of attention, check out their blog.

Guzzi Overland

Their Tentipi: Tentipi website is also interesting, never seen one of these before.

BMW's seem to be the preferred steed for overland travel :confused:

some of us got so excited they had to have a little lie down.

Spanking new Ural

Young Luke recently returned from a six month trip with two mates on XT's down the entire west coast of Africa.


wasn't cold at all..
Managed to get my shadow in most of these shots :headbang:

Mustang spent the morning trying to chase this young Butcherbird off our bikes.
Mustang = 0, bird = 1. Yep, that's his bike. :thumbup:

I had some more photos of bikes that caught my eye but Mustang already posted them.

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The ride home.

On Sunday morning there were still plenty of activities organised but our group all had places to be, so we packed up and all took different routes home.

Here's a few from mine.

Yeah, a good weekend all round.


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Great photos OneOff

Great photos and commentary as always there OneOff.
Looks like you guys had a great ride and camping weekend, wish I was there to check it out.
If the BMW is the prefered want a roof.
Then buy one of these....Happy Days.

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We looked very cold! It was, but only when the wind was up.

Wow, I like the little BMW with the roof Cooldollar, as long as it is removable! They could have bought two of them instead of building up the Guzzi. Or, put a BMW in the boot of the Guzzi.

Hey Pete, the bird actually scored twice - both on my bike. Little mongrel. I am going to aim right at him if I see him on the highway. Great photos you posted (as always), isn't it a bloody nice place to ride!

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oh damn - i wish i know the HU get together this year - being so close to brisbane - i would love to go - even if my "ride the world" dream has only ever been realised in my annual southern migration to victoria.

good pics, thanks for sharing
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