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My DL650AK7 is new again!

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Thanks to Black Lab, Greywolf, rcacs and a host of others for info on how to wire a GPS, put new tires on and change the front sprocket. Also help on how to remove decals, how to turn the turn signals into running lights, what brand of tires to buy, what type and brand of luggage to get, how to extend the mirrors, what kind of windshield to use and more.

I purchased an automotive style cig lighter socket for about 6 bucks from wally world and wired it directly to the battery. As you can see in the photo, it mounted in front of the bars nicely with a plastic tie. I made the GPS mount from a piece of reinforcing plate for 2x4's from HD. It's not real pretty but it does the job. I mounted the GPS with Velcro.

My trail wings were worn out after 9,000 miles so I bought some Conti Trail Attacks from Dennis Kirk. I installed them myself using some 8" tire irons and a 6 foot 2x4 to break the bead. I used Ride-On to balance the tires. I have less than a hundred miles on the tires but so far I love them. Not sure how to explain it but the bike seems more sure-footed with the TA's. Tomorrow I'm going to ride up to Francis Peak and check out their behavior on a dirt/gravel road.

Front Sprocket
Now the best thing I've done for my DL yet -- I purchased a GSX600R 16 tooth sprocket (part number 27510-20A10) from for less than 20 bucks shipped. Yes, it was a used sprocket but it only had 1900 miles on it and it looked brand new. Anyway, I read in several forums that those who put on the 16 wished they had done it along time ago. I now join their ranks. My bike is like brand new again. I love this gearing -- no more jerky response to the throttle. It is so smooth. Less engine braking so I'm going to have to get used to that. I'll say it another way, it is the best money I've spent on the bike. I put together this sprocket ratio chart to help decide what I wanted.
Rear 15* 16 17
47*| 3.13 2.94 2.76
45 | 3.00 2.81 2.65
44 | 2.93 2.75 2.59
42 | 2.80 2.63 2.47

What I wanted was 45 rear with the stock 15 front but I couldn't find out if that would require changing the chain length and I didn't want to fool with the chain. The 16 front was close (2.94 vs 3.0) and less than half the price. Sometimes you just have to jump in. Maybe the 45 would be better, but I'm not worrying about it now. The 16 is great. And getting the sprocket nut off, well that was much easier than I thought. I had a 1 1/4 socket and my air wrench zipped it right off. Torqued it to 105 with some blue thread lock and it is good to go.

I love the help I get on this forum. I've never been able to get much from the search function so I use google advanced search to find what I need. Thanks again to all who have helped.


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Couple of comments...

The lighter socket should be fused near the battery so the bike doesn't burn up if there's a problem.

Jerky throttle response is likely to be cables that need adjustment. It would be less noticeable with less torquey gearing. Adjust the clutch cable while you're at it. I think we all tend to get used to misadjusted cables.

And yeah, I adjusted mine a couple of weeks ago, 60k miles since last time... :mrgreen:

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Loose throttle cable adjustment gets mentioned often but I don't find it to be the case. The opening cable is always taut under spring tension and the closing cable only comes into play if the opening cable sticks. I have extra play dialed in because the electronic cruise control works better that way and have no trouble.

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Loose throttle cable adjustment gets mentioned often but I don't find it to be the case.
I dialed the extra play out and the throttle is smooth now. It was really starting to mess with my zen thing, man. :bom_thinking2:
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