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I am on a 4 day work week right now:hurray:. I work 12's Monday and Tuesday, then two 8's between Wednesday and Friday. I can pick my day off, schedule permitting.

The weather forecast was best for a Wednesday off...50's F and partly cloudy. I geared up and took Ms. Piggy, my Yamaha Te'ne're'.... out for a date. We went to Shelbyville where Piggy got treated to a tank full of premium and I to a tank full of BBQ. We went east through Frankfort, enjoying the warmth of my Gerbing's vest, and turned south down the Kentucky River through the Palisades area...a geologic formation of limestone bluffs and creeks with lots of water falls. It is distillery country and I rode past several.

I continued south to Woodford Reserve and stopped in the visitor center for a snort of Kentucky Bourbon. I saddled up again, put the spurs to Ms. Piggy, and danced with her through an hour of twisties. Not much straight road in these parts.

I was heading across the Dix River Bridge when I spied an old abandoned railroad tunnel over my left shoulder. I made a quick U-turn on the bridge and went back. There was a small gravel trail that lead along the cliff face to the old tunnel and limestone bridge abutment. I rode inside and turned around. The tunnel is maybe a 100 feet long. The old abutment was the perfect place to enjoy it in the spring sun and partake in a nice Nicaraguan cigar:beatnik:.

I continued to Harrodsburg and stopped in at Ft. Boonesboro for a cup of coffee. The area is Amish Country and I saw two horse and buggies out enjoying the day. I stopped in at the Amish general store and had some fresh apple pie. The last 50 miles or so was old 1-1/2 lane roads with no stripes. I past a covered bridge and rode across two shallow creeks.

Life is good. ADV motorcycles make great dates.


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