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On a somewhat related topic, recently picked up another mobile music player to replace my old on, which is getting flakier.

Ended up getting a Sony NWA 55. Capable of playing MP3, FLAC, and HiRes audio, although I haven't tried that last, yet. Still trying to figure out how to rip my SACDs and DVD-Audios. Removable Micro-SD memory, so essentially limitless capacity. Around $220, expensive for an MP3 player, cheap for a HiRes audio player. Also has an AI-enhancement mode for 'expanding' MP3 dynamics and frequency range, seems to help, although FLACs, predictably, sound better. So I've started going back and ripping CD's to FLAC.

Also has a feature for operating as an outboard DAC for computers, although I doubt I'll ever use it. Bluetooth also.

So far pretty happy with it. If you don't want to store music on your phone or computer (or stream it, ugh) your choices are pretty limited.

Kinda thinking I'll be on the lookout for a Sony HX500 turntable, so I can rip my vinyl straight to hi-res.
121 - 123 of 123 Posts