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Multiple Dealer Mode Error Codes....

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Since taking off the alarm the bike has been reporting an FI error around start-up time and at switch off, never during riding. Entering Dealer mode gives the following error codes...:

C41 Fuel Pump Control System (Fuel Pump Relay)
C44 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
C49 PAIR Control Solenoid Valve

Is it really possible that there is this much wrong? OR has maybe someone shorted something...

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Ok - a plan is forming....

I'm going to replace the throttle position sensor. As this is $100 new and there are no used ones on Ebay - does anyone know which SV650 sensor is a match.

DL650 Part no. is 13580-16G00 what does this translate to for a SV?
Part numbers don't translate. They are the same throughout the entire Suzuki line. The SVs had different part numbers. It's under $80 at OEM Parts Suzuki V-Strom (DL650) 2005 THROTTLE BODY - Cheap Cycle Parts
Cool, I seem to have found a throttle assembly with the sensor attached, so have gotten that locally off ebay. Fingers crossed.....

Will also be able to tinker with this off the bike and practice.

I don't get it. The dealer charged you that fee for the work and you didn't post what was told to you when the bike was returned. Did they say it was repaired? From what you posted, about all they did was clean electrical connections. I'm very very curious as to what the final solution is. I still believe that the culprit is going to be a simple answer. Example; my zero-turn-mower was cutting grass just fine when suddenly the blade drive shut down. I immediately checked the belt(fine), then began looking at other possibilites. My experience has been to check all the simplest things first so I put the machine up on blocks and checked the electric clutch that drives the blades and found that the ground wire had snapped off right at the connector. Warranty gave me a new one. 2 years later and it happened again. I had added 3 extra ty-raps to hold the wires securely and yet, the ground wire snapped off again at the same place. So, I got a new harness and added a loom with with several extra ty-raps to keep that the wires from wiggling back and forth causing fatigue. Time will tell.
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I don't have a lot of experience with bike electrical. The only time I have ever witnessed a problem this severe is on vehicles, specifically Jeeps as that's what I work on the most.

Only when there is a very poor or corroded ground cable and/or poor battery.
Those can throw numerous weird ecm codes throughout the vehicle as well as have strange effects on stuff like lights, gauges especially, wipers can become intermittant or work on their own etc.

I also don't know the back story here. When did you replace the battery in all this as you mention it is new? Measuring voltage on a battery doesn't do much as it can read 12.5 volts all day but when you put a load on it, could drop to single digits.

Anyway get the battery load tested and follow all battery connections. When the alarm was removed, were there spliced wires that were put back together? This sounds very much like an simple electrical issue.

Good luck
I'm sure you're right and it'll be something simple.

I'm going to stick the old (leaky) battery back in tonight - it does work, just dribbles a bit.... If that doesn't work I'm taking it to a friend with a K5 and we'll do an ECM swap to see if that works.

Failing that I'll just ignore it as the bike runs well enough at the moment. If it starts getting weird in the damp weather we have due, then that may precipitate a strip down.

Nb - This started the day before the alarm was removed, so it's unlikely to be that work that caused the problems. However is is possible that the same issue was what caused the alarm to malfunction.
Thanks for keeping this thread updated. Changing out the ECM unit with a one that is known to work correctly is a good idea. It helps eliminate whether your's is working or not. I think you are on the right track to resolve this by the process of elimination. The grounding issue comment is one worth pursuing as well. A hyper-ground system might help(certainly won't hurt). I installed one on my Honda S2000 car as a insurance policy against possible issues. It was NOT experiencing any issues but has not had a single electrical issue since installation either. I am NOT claiming that this system prevented an issue. It's a 2003 model and gets driven only once per month so that's why I installed the grounding system. Please keep this issue updated here and ESPECIALLY if you finally get it resolved and know exactly what the culprit is/was. This fascinates me.
Swapped over the batteries no effect unfortunately. ECM swap is delayed till next week due to work pressures.

But... the front brake switch has stopped working. The switch is fine (just stripped and cleaned it) and there are volts to the cable - 10.9v in fact...... I guess this should be 12volts? Also, shorting the wires does not turn on the brake light.....

Oh, and the dealer did test (and pass) every sensor under the tank, so I guess this has helped with the process of elimination.
OK - we may have progress....

Measurements as follows:

Battery 12.75v
Front brake switch cable - across contacts - 9.5v
From red cable to battery -ve = 9.65v
From black cable to battery -ve = 0.14v

Similar figures on the clutch sensor switch.


I've now been around the fusebox checking out the basic voltages and the -ve back to the -ve on the battery. Results are interesting.....

Fuse Name Voltage -ve to -ve battery
fan 11.3 0
signal 11.45 0.1
ignition 11.28 0.07
fuel 12.31 0 (this was the only circuit live when the bike was off)
headlight low 12.1 0.03
headlight high 12.09 0.3 on low bean 0.03 on high beam

Also....checked the feed to the heated grips. The bike had to be running for this to read anything (which is good I guess) - but the readings were all over the shop 11.5/5/0 - didn't stabilise when I gave it revs.

Oh... and up front I found a stray black wire not connected to anything...could be from the alarm removal but not sure.
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Just ordered a K4 ecu from fleabay. If it's not that it should be easy to resell.
Replacement ECU has had no effect.

Stumped. :confused:
You've got some wires touching together somewhere that should not be touching (or going to ground). I'd especially check around the ECM connectors, alarms are known to tap into those areas. I'd check absolutely every spot where the aforementioned alarm was connected. Unwrap any new looking electrical tape and look at every connection or soldered joint.
You've got some wires touching together somewhere that should not be touching (or going to ground). I'd especially check around the ECM connectors, alarms are known to tap into those areas. I'd check absolutely every spot where the aforementioned alarm was connected. Unwrap any new looking electrical tape and look at every connection or soldered joint.
Yep, that's all it can be now as the sensors were all checked out.

Plan is to remove all the connector blocks up front, clean and solder together the spade connectors (outside of the blocks) then remove the blocks.

I'll also check every earth block, and clean to bits.

Given that I have such limited time to work on the bike...I am realistically expecting to have this sorted by ...June next year....
Don't forget the ground cable on the starter. That has been loose from time to time...but that usually causes intermittent starting issues. There's got to be a wire that was spliced into for the alarm that maybe eventually vibrated enough for the strands to break inside. If the splice was done poorly, it could have cut the conductors.
Mmmm, maybe I'll do ground checks first then. Intermittent starting is an issue...
Hi! Sorry to necro this thread.

I just bought an old VStrom 2005 model and after 3 days it's having this exact problem - exactly the same three error codes. I'm pretty new to biking so am not quite ready to strip all the electronics down as you have said you have done, but I'm an engineer by trade so could have a whack at it if pointed in the right direction.

Could you let me know if / how you resolved this? Was it a short somewhere or an alarm issue?

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