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I didn't see this anywhere, I searched quite a bit. This is a quick and dirty how-to for those of us who haven't done this kind of work before:

1) Instructions are 'good enough' but a bit vague, they don't tend towards description, just some graphics but they do get the job done.
2) The center bolt that goes through the engine, I'm not sure why it's there... But there doesn't seem to be any real stress on the bolt. Just put a breaker bar on each side and have at it... (Or in my case a small impact wrench).
Once the bolt is loose it just slides out. The engine did not fall on my foot :D
3) The smaller bolts on the upper forward section have some blue loc-tite, so prepare to use a fair bit of force. I ended up very carefully using my small impact to knock those loose.

I put the whole thing together barely tight... Then I loosened each bolt / nut up enough to apply loctite and then torqued to spec (over torqued in the case of the small bolts joining the bottom member as my torque wrench didn't go that low.. Hopefully that's fine. I may crack them off and put on fresh bolts one day.

The whole install took about 45 minutes with my 4 year old daughter helping me... And yah, she actually did help :D

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