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I looked into various temperature displays and didn't really find any that I felt my needs. Most motorcycle specific units are reported to be either unreliable and/or very inaccurate. I wanted something that I could have a remote sensor on.

I stumbled upon Martel Electronics and found their quick mount panel series which included, among others, a two wire 0-25V volt meter, and a temperature display with remote sensor ability. They mount using a single 7/32 hole which appealed to me as well. They have one downside, they are not backlit. I rarely ride at night, so it wasn't a major consideration for me.

They showed up yesterday, and I'm trying to decide where to mount them. My current thinking is the shown below. There is room behind the panel for the mounting post and cabling, and the surface is flat and just about the right size.

Before I start drilling, I wanted to see what others thought about the location.

I'm still strategizing about where the remote temp sensor would go. Somewhere on the chin guard seems optimal.

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