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No bolts.

I had mine bolted to Strom rack, no holes drilled.
Then fitted a Nilgiri rack to the Strom [rack made by local member here].
Got rid of Givi panniers and frames and changed over to Happy Trails rack and side boxes [panniers].

Refitted the Givi top box mount with no drilling and NO BOLTS!!!!!!!! :jawdrop:

Cable tied it on :green_lol::green_lol:

Solid as a rock with 9 medium thickness cable ties :thumbup:

Only took me 2 minutes to fit it and I have given it a good test over some really rough roads at speed and loaded with about 15kg of stuff inside [42 litre box]. :yikes:

When I swap it to my next bike I will use heavier cable ties but I don't think they are really needed. :fineprint:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts