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Does anyone know of a way of fitting pegs to the Givi engine bars?

I am very keen to fit some pegs to the front of the bars to give me a more comfortable riding position - I suffer from knee ache and numb lower legs when in the seat for more than 2 hours or so - especially when the whether is colder (below about 10 degrees Centigrade). I'm looking to get to Switzerland from the UK in 1 day - about 700miles or so (one way) and reckon these will be very useful (along with a gel seat maybe?)

I was thinking about taking some footpegs of any bike from the breakers and making up some mounting brackets to fit them to the bars.

Depending on price I would prefer to get some from a manufacturer but here in England this sort of thing isn't popular unless for a custom.

Also, has anyone tried the Suzuki Gel Seat? Does it offer a reasonable improvement over the standard equipment? They want about £133 GBP for it over here.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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