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Check out this month's issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. The DL650 made the cover and they were quite taken by the baby 'Strom...

With all the positive reviews in the press about the DL650, it's entirely possible that supplies of the baby 'Strom might not keep up with demand. As of last Saturday, my local dealer was already out of stock on '04 DL1000's and had only two DL650's left.

It was interesting to note that one of MCN's few gripes about the bike was over the boring paint colors. I'd have to agree and it was interesting in light of their comments that the dealer had a tag on the DL650's quoting the charge for repainting the bike another color. Apparently the folks at MCN aren't the only one's not impressed with the color selection. Strangely enough, they DID mention that the Kawa-zookie version of the DL650 would be available in bright yellow, which everyone knows is a naturally faster color. :wink:
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