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Motorcycle Carrier

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The curb weight of the 650 is approximately 475lb. Has anybody used this type of a rack that has a 500lb or 600lb weight capacity? Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Levering 500lbs past the back bumper to me is not a good idea.
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When I put a 500lb bike in the bed (most of the weight between the axles) of 2017 Tacoma (1/2 ton truck) it squats 3 to 4 inches. If I were that the same 500lb and move it 30 inches or so past the rear axle the bumper would probably drag over speed bumps while I was looking towards the stars as the front suspension would be 90% unloaded.
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Maybe the difference is the Dodge is rated for a 1/2 ton of lead and the Tacoma is rated for a 1/2 ton of feathers?
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In stead of using trailers or hitch carriers to haul a motorcycle I'm just going to continue to use the bed of the truck.
That 'First Step' when unloading can be a real lulu :cool:

I've hauled 'em both in my truck bed and my trailer (which I lowered). I much prefer the trailer.
I too have had the ass of manually loading/unloading into the truck bed as its only a matter of time until a bike does a swan dive. Also having been down the trailer road and still having access to the neighbors trailer I choose not to use them unless absolutely necessary. Don't like towing them hate backing them and my last trailer (expanded metal deck) would be parked behind the shed for so long it would be weed locked. After weed whacking the deck I could hook the truck up and rip it free then lights wouldn't work or the tires would be dry rotted or the wheel bearing would be shot. Trailers in general suck.

My ultimate fix is I'm going to build a winch operated autoloader for the truck bed. Then its button up/down while the winch does all the work and I stand back and watch the magic happen.
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The weight of the DL650 according to 469lbs. But then strap on a skid plate, pannier racks, 15 pounds of tool for roadside rebuilds and 7 pounds of tire repair equipment + all the other little farkles that adds up. DL may leave the showroom floor at 469lbs but they don't stay at that weight for long.
^^^^ Those tiny tires (8" wheels) whirling down the tarmac at 70 or 80 MPH for miles on ends make me cringe. They are probably spinning 3X faster than the tow vehicles tires. I do see they are rated for continuous speed of 70 MPH and around here thats the approach speed for entering the highway. Its not until you're chuffing along at 80/85 are you keeping pace with traffic in the slow lane.
You ever seen a snowmobile trailer?
I don't care what trailer it is the smaller the tire the faster it will spin and small diameter tires being dragged down the tarmac at tripe the revolutions of the host vehicle makes me cringe.
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When I was a broke student in 1999, I bought the cheapo 4 x 8' Harbor Freight trailer. I still have it. They still sell them:

Throw some plywood on, buy a nice ramp, you're still in business for under $500.
But in States like Pennsylvania where trailers are required to be titled and tagged if the trailer is new and does not come with a MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) you are SOL. IF I were to get a HF trailer with no MSO I would have to go through the process of titling a home built trailer. This means filling out and paying for an application then taking the trailer to a certified inspection station where they will verify it meets state requirements then this all gets submitted to the state for processing and eventually if everything is correct they will issue a title.

While not impossible its a PITA and easier to find a trailer with a title.

Check out Joe Hauler in Southern California, American made and very strong. Watch out for eBay junk.

Its not the eBay "junk" carrier that is the weak link it is the tow vehicle with 600lbs cantilevered at least 48" past the rear axle. Then add is a bit of inertia when the vehicle is in motion and the forces are further amplified.
Not all that much different than hitting a big bump with a 10K deckover on the back of the truck.
You mean a 10K deck over/gooseneck 5th wheel trailer where the tongue weight is carried directly over or just ahead of the rear axle?
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