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MotoGP trip with new (to me) DL1000.

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Hello Everyone,
I am sure many of you have seen my posts in the last few weeks about my new 2002 DL1000, bought with 7180 miles on it earlier this month. Well, I have had it for 3 weeks, and just put it through a serious test.

Last Wednesday I left the DC area en route to Indianapolis for MotoGP, and I was thoroughly impressed by the bike in every way (except the seat)

My itenerarry was as follows:

Wednesday after work, my BMW buddy Kurtis on his GS, and I rode 150 miles out to Mount Strom, WV, where we stayed at the best campground I've ever been to.
Abram's Creek Retreat and Campground, Mt. Storm, WV

We camped on the edge of a beutiful mountain streem, and enjoyed complete privacy.

Route 50 in WV is one of the most challenging roads I have ridden, going up and down mountain after mountain, and the Vee was amazing.

We packed up and hit the road for Indy at about 7:30 am and rode for about an hour before getting totally poured on, thankfully, the new gear I bought for the trip (Multi-tech and Frogg Toggs) were great in the rain, and so was the Vee. We rode in the rain for about two hours on 50 before escaping the storm to the north near Grafton. We weaved our way through WV and PA northwest until we met 79, we stayed within a few miles of, or on 70 until we hit Wheeling WV, then we submitted to our desires to make time, and booked it West on 70 for Indy. We arrived at around 7pm, with over 600 miles on the odometeer.

We camped with a few other friends just South of Indy, and enjoyed the races, and Motorcycles on Meridian Downtown friday. Saturday I escaped to Bloomington to reminisce, a former Hoosier myself, I spend the evening catching up with friends and enjoying dinner and a beer at Upland.

Sunday I headed up to the race and left immediately after the Detroit area, to stop in and have dinner with my mom. This was roughly 300 miles.

Yesterday, Monday Morning, I departed at 7:30 for DC, and made the trip in a little under 12 hours with a few interesteing detours.

The Vee was amazing. I put about 1800 miles on the clock over the weekend, for a total of 2600 since buying it, and I haven't had any problems, except a sore ass from the stock seat.

Maybe the best part of the DL1000 is the amazing highway mileage. I was getting almost 50 mpg on the road fully loaded with camping gear and other swag I picked up on the way.

The only things I would change about the trip would be new boots (waterproofing is going weak on the old ones), and a new seat (Interviewing candidates currently).

Proud to own her. The farkling will continue in preperation for a big East Coast trip. Thanks for all the support, everyone.

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Ive been very happy with my 02 over the last almost 3 years. It only gets better! :yesnod:
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