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Review from: Moto usate e moto nuove. Forum e news su
Gives the new 1000 a score of 8.5/10 :yesnod:

Prova La Suzuki V-Strom 1000 - Prove -

Here it is translated:

Last December he published test preview of new Suzuki V-Strom 1000, proven by our Andrea Perfetti during the international press launch held in Spain, in the area of Almeria. Andrea's impressions on waiting Sport Enduro Tourer-so is officially declared V-Strom made in Hamamatsu-upon his return after an absence of more than 6 years have caught the attention of many readers and generated several comments (we are at an altitude of 200 at the time). In the now crowded with diverse segment of so-called "maxi-road enduro", the new Suzuki 1000 – we have already read, said and done who knows how many times ever before from concept bike became a finished product – serves as a trait d'union between the "800" counterparts of BMW and Triumph and the new generation of 1200 to two, three-cylinder and four-cylinder engine, sharing only with four-cylinder Kawasaki Versys, motorcycle as effective as aesthetically discussed road, at least in Italy. A philosophy, that of Suzuki not to go to fit between the most powerful (much more) 1200, shared by many of our readers, but also by us, oddly.

It that excellent torque and a nice delivery, combined with an overall more than acceptable and an easy and very effective cycling, may not be at all regret the 150 horses as motorcycle Ducati Multistrada and KTM Adventure.
Days ago, Suzuki Italy has arranged for the new V-Strom a press meeting in Liguria-in particular in San Lorenzo, near Imperia-arranged for several Italian journalists who inevitably were not able to attend the preview of Almeria. And has again invited, in this case myself, curious and excited to test the talents of newcomer after several times nicely tried, in its time, the progenitor was set up in 2002, as well as the twin Kawasaki KLV produced in 2004 and 2005 as a result of a partnership agreement between the two Japanese manufacturers, which lasted quite shortly. Moreover, a nice bike ride don't never refuses!

Aesthetically, the new V-Strom I would like more if it had a more streamlined and better exhaust fitted with manifold, and if the front mudguard was shorter in the back: Okay the protection in case of rain, but, how about 650, in case of need you can always add a nice Splash Guard to keep under the saddle. As far as I'm concerned, moreover, immediately Monterey handguards and most importantly, engine guard, giving preference (aesthetics) of that plastic: that poor oil filter so exposed is downright ugly, as well as at the mercy of stones and more. As for the driving position, are up 1.76, on V-Strom I found right at home already. But I wish I could position the front brake lever closer to the knob is provided by the adjustment wheel. The tank, well connected with the saddle, prior doesn't seem more impressive than that of sister 650. And the saddle itself I was comfortable enough, although not as the progenitor, at least in memory.

Pleasant voice of V2 Suzuki, muffled tone and greve, without annoying rattling and noise from friction. Soft gas, and pleasantly sweet friction; Ditto, that change only by entering the first stationary is moderately noisy, but once on the move will prove to be considerable: with the foot you feel slightly grafting of the March, the action is still very fluid, but who likes to ride in fluency "supporting" the gears without using the clutch will go even more on velvet. The two-cylinder Suzuki sports a totally different character from the progenitor of old DL1000 (which was a softened version of the TL sports), against which the new differs to 90%, between internal operations and materials. No more tears at low speed, but a surprising fluidity of delivery (a really remarkable behavior for a V2 with 100 mm piston), so much so that some 1,800 rpm, in sixth, you can resume safely. In accordance with the power and torque curves provided by Suzuki (in which, moreover, are not given their scale), it is clear the linearity of power delivery, but also the peak torque occurring very soon: I am well 10.5 kgm (103 Nm), almost like the old engine (101 Nm), but only 4,000 rounds instead of 6,400, then there is a big difference because you can move quickly between curves with a substantial boost immediately without going too revved up, and using less: change in particular traveling mainly in third and fourth gear, on quite tortuous paths.
On very tight switchbacks, instead, there are doubters on first use, a little "hanged", rather than the second, in this case obviously playing with the clutch. The boost, however it is notable, and continues with a verve more than satisfactory even pulling the gears until the red zone (9,000 revolutions) and beyond. All accompanied by vibrations really unimportant, often virtually nil.

Nice engine, in my opinion, especially for those who did not fregole from 150 HP, and scrub of the mappings. But even those who adore the front pointing to heaven even without using the clutch will enjoy it, as long as you exclude altogether the traction control, of course, otherwise we will soon plant. During our drive-through twists and turns, the TC has made to feel very little. As well as the same Abs, especially up front, where the braking system is also very ready and powerful, while behind abusing the brake sometimes it is made to feel by modulating a little deceleration, especially downhill, as it is logical.

This Suzuki I really enjoyed driving neutrality, moreover for nothing tiring: you approach turns out to be confidential, the front straightaway is pretty accurate, sincere and reassuring even when it falls on dirty or wet strokes, if not very wet, how about those beautiful Ligurian roads for days by bad weather jokes. And I enjoyed a lot too, especially suspension fork, very best of the old: the standard calibration choices by Suzuki are more tonic that anatomico Calif., and are good for all. Anyway, it's all thoroughly adjustable, so you can work well. We have got to push beyond the 130 if not on a short stretch where I could also check that air security is more than adequate, especially with plexiglass moved up to forward. Some air there is always but a me piace così: I want free Visual, I can't stand to look through a piece of plastic, and a minimum of air around the head gotta feeling, as long as I don't cause any shaking of the head.

Speaking of consumption, I went to browse on board computer four motorcycles belonging to group test, noting average power consumption varies between 16 and 19.2 km/l, evidently due to different ways of driving while on the same route: the average was 17.6 km/l.

Someone saying that this time I won't to list for wire and sign all the technical and philosophical information already contained in this article. I just want to tell you about my feelings on the V-Strom 1000 during a tour of almost 200 miles organized by Suzuki in the Ligurian Alps, along a winding path and with some damp or wet strokes, and sometimes uneven, but without being able to test the bike on the freeway. What we do but certainly during the comparison we're preparing, since the V-Strom 1000 we already in the newsroom.

During the event I also interviewed colleagues, to bring even their reviews on the new Suzuki: to them I asked for a brief overall assessment on the bike, and a media vote, from 0 to 10; and in the end I also called my, scordandomi, however, the vote, which for me is a good 8.5. (English)

In conclusion, the new V-Strom is exactly as I expected after reading and hearing all about

Love this quote: "But even those who adore the front pointing to heaven even without using the clutch will enjoy it" :thumbup:

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Rated: 8.5 out of 10...Not too shabby!!
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