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Moore Mafia ECU Tune

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Howdy everyone! I have a 2014 DL 1000 that I've owned for about a year. I really love the bike except for the herky jerky throttle response.

I did all the usual suggestions of checking throttle cable adjustment, TPS adjustment, etc. But none of it really helped. As other threads have suggested the 2nd gen Strom just isn't fueled well at low engine speeds.

I saw some other Stromtroopers say they had their ECU flashed through Moore Mafia and figured why not.

On Monday I sent my ECU out to MM and it came back to me this morning (Wednesday)

After a bit of struggling to unplug my O2 sensors I had the ECU back in the bike and out ripping it.

First impression is WOW!

The old Suzuki feel like it's alive now below 3000 RPM. It doesn't chug in parking lots if I ride with no clutch and throttle.

Rolling off the throttle feels smooth and there's not that overwhelming engine braking I came to get used to. So much so that I found myself really using my brakes compared to how I typically downshift and engine brake to stops.

Now when I'm actually out riding the bike feels like it has soooooo much more get up and go in the first 3 years than it ever did before.

5th and 6th are also more useful to putter around in as the roll on is much smoother from ~2000 RPM so it doesn't feel like the engine is being lugged.

My butt Dyno feels like the peak torque has been lowered down to 2500 or 3000ish.

All around this has been a really well spent 250 dollars!

I'll have to pay attention to the MPGs I get this weekend as my 100 mile ride this evening was mostly spent riding like a bad man and it didn't feel seem like I was getting dramatically less fuel economy than before the flash.
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Awesome that you got some real improvement. Is your bike stock otherwise? Thanks!
Awesome that you got some real improvement. Is your bike stock otherwise? Thanks!
Yes I only have a slip on (Remus Okami with the baffle pulled) exhaust otherwise I have a stock airbox and filter. I'm playing around with the idea of grabbing headers for a cat delete but will probably move on to a Gen 3 Strom before that happens.

If you're thinking about the Flash I would highly recommend it.

Some further impressions after a week of ripping on it....

Power wheelies in first gear are super easy now! (and I'm a big guy (220 pounds)

I'm so much more confident applying the throttle coming out of a turn because the power roll on is much more smoother and predictable than pre-flash.

Being able to navigate low speed situations in 1st gear without constantly fanning the clutch to avoid chugging or engine surging is really nice.

The bike feels like its running off of a well tuned carb rather than a ride by wire throttle.
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