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modification for shift lever - "back lever" ?

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I'm wondering if there's anything available to have a "back" extension on the shift lever?

I came over from the cruiser world and always enjoy being up to shift up by using the back of foot instead of having to tap up.

Can such a mod be used on a Storm? do they exist?
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Although you are crossing cultures in this concept, I can see value in it as upshifts can be difficult based on the footwear you prefer. I have some brand new Tourmaster boots still sitting in my garage that won't easily 'fit' in the space needed for shifting on my DL650A - a backbar added to the shift lever makes a modicum of sense.
I don't know the 650, but can't you adjust the shifter up a few degrees? Many m/c shifters are splined onto the shaft and can be rotated a little.
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