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Some thoughts on neckwear:

I bought one of these about 2 weeks ago. Having worn it for all riding since then, I wish I'd bought one when I started riding, last October. It's that good.

The Multi-Cool makes riding so, so much more comfortable. If you have ever found your riding jacket irritates your neck, or are looking for a way to stay somewhat cool in the desert, I don't think there is a better deal going.

This thing solved two problems at once.

One was that my Helite airbag vest was rubbing against my neck, especially when I turned my head, which got really really old on long trips. The vest material is stiff and a little rough, so it doesn't feel great on my neck and is a little distracting. With the Multi-Cool on, I can't even feel the vest touching my neck. All I feel is cool comfort.

Two was that I was getting ridiculously overheated in my gear. I haven't wanted to purchase a mesh riding jacket, both because it's not in the budget, and because I've read that air mesh is actually a terrible idea in the desert. As long as the Multi-Cool is wet, I stay much cooler than I would otherwise. It works a lot better than my previous solution - a soaked hand towel - because it stays in place much better, so that air is forced to pick up some moisture as it hits me.

It's true that my jacket, a Tourmaster Transition 4, has a zip-in neck cuff thing. While it is windproof and keeps the vest edges off my neck, the collar is stifling to wear in the heat, so I don't.

Columbia sells a similar neck gaiter, the Omni-Freeze Zero. I almost bought one of those, but the Multi-Cool is about half the price. Maybe the Omni-Freeze is better, I don't know.

If you wear an Omni-Freeze when riding, I'd like to hear from you.

In hot weather, the Multi-Cool's cooling effect is most welcome. I soak it and squeeze out excess per the instructions, before putting it on. Water wicks down into my T-shirt too, which is just fine as that provides yet more evaporative cooling.

It could be psychological, but I feel like having this cool, wet cloth around my neck as I ride helps cool down my core. I still feel the heat inside my jacket and overpants, but it's nowhere near as oppressive as when I used to ride without anything on my neck more than sunscreen. Or even a wet hand towel.

Not needing to wear sunscreen is great. It was always a pain in the ass. Not only did it feel greasy, even the expensive Neutrogena "dry-touch" stuff, but it would wear off after a few hours or I'd miss a spot, and get burned anyway.

Even when it's not hot out, such as in the morning on my way to work, I wear the Multi-Cool dry just to keep the vest off my neck & put a comfy layer between me and my jacket collar. Then the Multi-Cool sort of does a similar job to the silk scarves pilots used to wear.

This has definitely been one of my least expensive, yet most beneficial, gear purchases ever.

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Years ago there were Neck Snakes. they had a gel pill in them that would swell up holding water. It worked kinda. I had one last from OKC to Tulsa and it was a dry as a popcorn fart by then.
Now I carry wet vests in a Wally World dry bag and change them every buncha miles and refresh the original as I go.
Keeping the Carotid Artery cool is what helps the head feel better.
I was lucky and got a BMW and Ducati wet vest for 10-20 bucks rather than the original too high price.
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