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I have an '03 V-Strom & below are some things I have discovered:

* A replacement ignition key for the Strom costs about $11.00 at the Suzuki dealer, if they have one, which seems high when auto keys are available for $0.97 at Wal-Mart. No one seems to have an exact blank, but I found an 'ILCO' # X114 / DA24 (for a Nissan) at a key shop which had the correct profile. I had the key duplicated & then I lengthen the left most groove (w/ the key pointing down) w/ a Dremel tool by approx 3/8" so the key would fully engage in the lock mechanism. It works perfectly.

* I made an accessory part for the Strom, & was trying the find a color that was close to the silver on the bike. I found a 'Rust-Oleum' silver metallic, #7271 was very close, just slightly darker when in the shade. I put on a couple coats of clear & it's a pretty good match for add on parts. The price is reasonable also.

* The noise from the air flow over stock windshield is terrible. I recently made an add-on section of windshield which extends approx 12.5" above the stock unit, at a slightly more vertical angle than the original (why I needed the silver paint). The difference is like night & day. Now I can hear the engine vs the howling of air in my helmet. Now I drive w/ my face shield up, sunglasses on, & I experience just a slight amount of air on my face. Can't wait to get back to Key West this winter & ride around like this!! When I have time, I going to form a new piece of plexiglas & probably make it 1"+ taller - can always cut it back if it's too much.

* I've had some problems w/ the bike not always returning to a normal idle speed when the throttle is released. Suzuki finally admitted some bikes have this problem & they adjusted the TBI to richen it a little. The overall performance improvement was great. It still has the high idle problem, but to a lesser degree. I'm going to take it back to the dealer, & they are going to richen it slightly more, per Suzuki instructions.

Hope this is useful.................
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