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mirror extenders...right handed or left handed threads?

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My mirrors spin on clockwise. I bought mirror extenders and the left side set up is fine. It went on with no problem. The right side, though, doesn't want to catch and tighten. I'm on the 2nd bag of parts from the seller. Shouldn't the right side be right handed, too? Anyone else have this issue? Please advise. I've heard that extenders would help reduce buffeting so that's the main reason I'm trying them. It's a 2011 650.
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The 2011 DL650 mirros are regular right hand thread. See teh instructions on my site. Even if it isn't our extenders this will probably help.

Remember there are two parts to the mirrors. A base that screws down into the perch on teh handlebar and an upper cinch nut. Seome people disassemble teh cinch nut and start scratching their head.
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The very last piece out of two bags (10 pieces?) was the one that worked. Both mirrors are now extended by about 3" and even with the high winds today I could tell that the buffeting was greatly reduced, even after I put the short windscreen back on. It was very windy in central GA today. As I was headed down the highway at 70 mph a wind gust from the left almost blew off my magnetic tank bag!
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