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I had the misfortune of having my 2002 DL1000 lose traction while crossing a creek overflow. The water was less than 3-4" deep but I must have come across some oil or slippery moss because my Metzeler Tourances lost grip and down to pavement I went. Because I was only going at 20mph, I was unhurt while only a few scapes on my jean-clad butt since I wasn't wearing my normal riding pants.

Damage to the bike consists of the left mirror, left drive and passenger pegs, left hand guard and having the exaust header reattached to the pipe connecting to the left can as the passenger peg mount pulled them apart. The bike is at the shop awaiting the repair estimate but I figure it shouldn't be too bad because there was little to no cosmetic damage.

It just goes to show that a little fall is always out there, so I am going to wear all my normal protective gear ALL the time. I just worry about the ever present Harley riders in their tank tops.

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