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Minnesota to Oklahoma

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I decided to take a vacation and go down to stillwater OK from my hometown of Minnetonka MN. Overall it was a pretty good trip, it was done over 4 days and was about 1200mi. This was my first serious trip and was done with my father. The two most memorable places along the route were North of Dubuque Iowa ( 42°38'31.19"N 90°52'53.43"W ) and through the Mark Twain National Forest and the Ozarks. Here's the approximate route I took, it's approximate because I ran out of waypoints on google maps :p Here's the link:
Excelsior Blvd to E 6th Ave - Google Maps

Right now I'm planning my return trip, I don't think I'll take quite a circuitous route, but I will be headed a little to the west.
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So, I figured out what route I'm going to take it's from Stillwater OK to Minnetonka MN on Wednesday the 6th (assuming there is no really bad weather). This is the route I'm probably taking:
Stillwater, OK to Minnetonka, MN - Google Maps
I plan on taking about 3 days for the trip. If anybody wants to join up and ride together for awhile, company is welcome! Post here if you want to join up.
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