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Mini skid plate for DL 650

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Hi there,

I had a 2021 DL 650 ADV that I sold a few weeks ago, I found a skid plate that I ordered from Thailand to US after a deep dive about skid plates, however never installed it. (Ravetech mini skid plate item# 18)
When I tried to search about the compatibility of the skid plate to sell it, I cannot find anything on the manufacturers website / internet.

Could anyone help me out for the compatible years for this mini skid plate, thanks a lot in advance, really appreciate it.


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It fits 2017 to current 650's. I like it because you can keep the factory one on overtop of it.

If you work at it you can change the oil without removing the skid pan. Next oil change i am going to either add a spacer washer or 2 to lower it slightly to make the job easier.
If you want to sell, I might be interested
I have one. I love it. Meant for people on pavement and dirt roads. It’s not a bash plate, but it will protect from stones thrown from the tire and light strikes. It does attach to the engine case, hence it is not meant for log crossings or hard off-road. My bike is a pavement only machine with street tires, so it is perfect for me.
Any recommendations for a Gen 1 skid plate, I have a 2008 I would like to get one for.
The mini skid plate will fit ONLY with the stock exhaust. I had installed a Delkevic system (much, much lighter) and the skid plate will not fit without adding spacers. The Delkevic balance pipe sits 30mm lower than the OEM pipe.
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