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Metzler Tourance Next 2?

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I am happy with the OEM Bridgestone Battlax A41 tires on my 2020 1050XT. My riding is all paved mountain roads at a pretty "spirited" pace, no off-road usage. Performance, handling, braking, and predictability are my priorities, over mileage. If you have replaced your A41s with Metzler Tourance Next 2 tires (not the previous version) and therefore have personal experience with the new Next 2 tires, how do you find them compared to the A41? Thanks in advance.
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Tried different brands of tyres in the past on my vstroms but I really like the Bridgestone Battlax A41 so have decided to stick with this tyre. I do some limited off road and they hold up okay in the gravel. On the open road in the wet and dry they stick to the road.
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Metzeler makes great tires in general and I've found that the Next 2 is a perfectly cromulent paved surface tire. Longer lasting than the A41, and IIRC the pricing is pretty similar.

Go for it. You'll be happy.

To put this another way, not one rider in a thousand would be able to tell the difference from the saddle between a fresh set of Metzelers vs. Bridgestones.
Metzeler needs proper inflation or the bike can feel unstable. Other than that a very good tire.
My riding is similar and I went for Michelin Road 6.

I thought the A41 were good. The road 6 are better, particularly the feedback / confidence in trailing the brakes deep into a corner. Ride quality on superslab is also improved.

I will note I wound in the shock rebound a bit, initially the bike was pushing to the outside.

In the future I may try Dunlop Roadsmart on this bike if the sizes come available, but will likely default to Michelins.
I'm running the previous gen NEXT on my DL650. I really like these tires, and I've gone from stockers, to a series of different semi-knobbies, and now these (I couldn't take the knobbie tire howl anymore!). They wear like iron, yet grip well in all road conditions including cold and rain. On dry dirt roads, they grip surprisingly well, as the carcass is supple enough to allow grip on hardpack, or light gravel (deep gravel is a nightmare for any tire on a 19" rim). The new NEXT 2 supposedly has a stiffer carcass, so I imagine that improbable dirt road grip of the original NEXT's may be diminished somewhat, but it should perform even better on tarmac. You really can't go wrong with the NEXT series of tires.
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