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Hey all,

I am not too sure where this should be posted so I am going to post it in V-Strom Service and Maintenance and DL650 General; moderators delete as appropriate.

I am doing a very comprehensive maintenance/cleaning to my 04 DL 650 and I have been cleaning and inspecting all components including the wiring. I found a slightly melted connector on my headlight connector. The black wire with blue trace (ground) on my right headlamp is the wire that is the topmost wire on the connector. The connector is as I said slightly melted and deformed due to a large amount of heat being produced. I imagine that there was a poor connection which caused a higher amount of resistance and thus greater heat produced. I have cleaned the contacts and I don’t imagine that there will be a problem in the future but I thought that I would bring it to the attention to the rest of yall.

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