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Maybe my scooter topcase is not the best idea for Alaska...

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So I was somewhat frustrated with the size of my topcase + factory sidecases on my trial run camping trip.

The more I look into it, I find out that my topcase is a Givi E370 Monolock 39L case meant for scooters. This means different adapter plate, 3kg load capacity, etc etc. They're a "compromise between weight and plastic thickness/sturdiness". : Givi E370 Monolock Topcase (ea) - 39 liters/case - Givi E370

The frustrating thing is, I've been wanting a set of Trax cases badly but can't justify the $1500 or so for all new racks and cases.

I considered buying just the Trax topcase to 'solve' my problem. Well, it has a higher load capacity, so I'm not as worried about it self-destructing (which is already a worry on my factory sidecases, being largely plastic and all)... but it only has a 38L capacity, so it does nothing to solve my capacity problem! Yikes!

Considering getting a Givi E55 topcase, but it sorta pains me to spend $300 on a topcase plus another $90 for a rack, all for a case I don't really like/want. And, stupid me, I waited long enough to figure this out that it'll cost me an arm and a leg (as in, $100+) to get it shipped from RI in time for my trip. If I decide to go this route I'll try to source the case locally which should be no problem, but I might still have to order the adapter plate.

Still sorta kicking myself because if I had figured this out a month ago, I'd be able to spend "only" $1000 more and get the Trax cases I actually want / think will last... OTOH even given that, the pricetag is painful.

But so is $450+ to get a new Givi case in time.

Or maybe my scooter topcase will last on hundreds of miles of dirt. And maybe I'll find a way to cram all of my junk in these cases. Or maybe not.

I suppose I could buy the Trekker 46L for the same price, and at least I'd have a decent-looking case, but since I have no intention of buying a full set of Trekkers, it's still kind of a waste.. and I'd be sacrificing the 55L capacity for the 46L looks.

I don't really have a question here, just venting and thinking thru it. Unless someone wants to tell me to stick with the Monolock scooter case and pray. :thumbup:
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Thanks for the tips guys. The action packer would scare me, but the Pelican is a really, really good idea -- if only I had the time to source one, hack something together, and hope my hamfisted modifications don't fail worse than a scooter topcase would. Unfortunately I've got limited time left and lots of stuff to do before I leave. Found a local store that has the 55L case and I guess it comes with a baseplate/adapter plate, twisted throttle made it sound like they do not have them. So I think I'll pick that up this weekend. Not sure about local source for CooCases, though I only see a small one on twistedthrottle. If only I had sidebags larger than the factory luggage...

Suddenly buying a bike that came with a full luggage set is looking less and less like it's gonna save me much money! :)
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