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I just bought a used 05 Wee and I need a manual. What one is best to use or what are my choices? I need to learn more about this machine.:confused:
Purchase the actual Suzuki Service manual through a local dealer, or purchase it online from a OEM Suzuki parts dealer. It will probably cost you around $80, but it is dearly worth it.

Also, you will want to find your way to the "Maintenance / How To" section of this forum. Quite a bit of the service and work that will need to be done, over time, on your motorcycle, is documented there; with photographs, and tips from other riders.

Welcome to the forum!


(PS: if you ask for a downloadable version of the manual, on this forum, you will get your hand slapped due to copyright infringements.)

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the paper copy is nice at home (mine is starting to get dirty from my greasy finger). a PDF copy would be nice when u are on the road (on a RTW trip perhaps). I dont condone getting an illegal copy of course. By the time you figure out the cost of printing, $80 is a bargain.
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