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Main wiring harness plug

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2007 DL650 with ABS.I was having a problem with speedometer acting up,but very rarely.Checked out speedo drive and everything was good.Checked the main wiring harness plug and found corrision.In cleanig I must have moved the pins in the female plug,so now my entire instrument is off.The pins in that side seem to be off and I can't get them back in place.My dash now flickers on and off.
Is there a solution such as replacing just the plug ends or does anyone have a spare from a wrecked bike.I want to be able to disconnect the plug in the future,so soldering the wires is out of the question.
Thanks for any help.
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If the connector housing is not burnt or damaged, then I suggest that you try appling more crimp tension to the tabs of the female terminal inside the connector so that the male terminal makes better connection when the two connector are joined. With the aid of a multimeter set on ohms will help show up which terminals are not making good contact. One lead of the multimeter to either side of the joined connector. Note the wire color connected to that terminal.
Removing the female terminal from the connector is tricky and should be done one terminal at a time or you could end up with the terminals in wrong contact positions on the connector. The female terminal has a small tab in the center that prevents the terminal from sliding out of the connector casing when the two connectors are plug together. This tab has to be bent clear to allow the physical terminal to slip free of the connector housing and bent back later to allow it to lock into place.
It is slow work to remove each terminal to apply additional tension. A good light on the subject helps.
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I removed part of the fairing for better access.No burn marks or damage to connector.My problem is with the red wire and yellow wire.Any hints for removing these wires without damaging them?
Eastern Beaver had all the parts to repair main wiring harness plug.Replaced the plastic plug and all pins.Everything is back to normal.
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