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So after having Glee for 2mo, furkling it out and using as part time commuter we finally took it for a trip.

5 days, 1,400mi to Adirondacks. Not as much riding as I'd like and not as much hiking as the better part wanted, but at least enough camping for both of us. We started toward home yesterday, planning to stay off the slab and enjoying scenery as usual, but after getting through Adirondacks and Catskills and with rain forecast on saturday decided to bin it and got on interstates. 7.5hr later we were home. Would have been less if not for the traffic.

So how did the Glee do? Did it do all we expected it to? Almost yes.

First of all the suspension upgrades (ricor Intiminators and HyperPro rear spring) were spot on. Our combined weight + furkles + payload puts us almost at published gross weight, and with properly set up rear preload bike handled and felt well balanced. No surprises over big bumps, no brake dive on stock fork springs, no weirdness produced by too soft of too stiff rear spring.

OEM rear shock damping and rebound works well with HyperPro constant rising rate spring, effectively good no adjustments for compression damping between solo light and 2up loaded. Took me 3 tries to get the preload right, 1st time it was one click too little and 2nd time 1 click too much. As is there was enough adjustment to handle extra at least 60lbs, cannot say if more. With the stock rear spring just having 2up was a struggle, never mind extra 90lbs of payload. No bottoming out with bike lowered by 1".

Front springs are slightly on a light side for road use, but it is spot on for my 145lbs and it only bottomed out once on air-carrier sized pothole, so I thought about adding some preload but decided to leave it as it is. Intiminators take care of brake dive.

Assorted thoughts:
- Front brakes were mostly adequate for load, but I wouldn't wanna be testing them in emergency situation.
- Wind protection isn't the best but not horrible by any means.
- With square ADV side boxes and 2nd person, getting 50mpg is wishful thinking. Was getting well over 60 in commute.
- Still 200-250mi out of the tank is nice!
- Shaving kickstand mod isn't the best solution as it is still long enough to catch on the ground on loaded bike, so it cannot be put down prior to passenger dismount
- Larger kickstand base? just wedge a rock
- After 12hr day: I really need to do something more about that buzzing. Great Stuffing handlebars and crashbars helped but it is not enough
- Cosmo skid plate drags on the ground in right turn and the mounting bracket direct exhaust pipe contact adds to buzzing
- Am I getting too old and slow? stupid deer jumped on the road and decided to race us for a while. And I got passed by 2 pirates going 70 in 45 zone. Sorry guys I don't need a ticket it is +5 for me.
- IDEAPro V6 is great. GPS on audio via V6 is even better :)
- If you ever find yourself in NE Pennsylvania put GPS in A to B and avoid highways. Not sure what the road name/numbers were but riding there alone with farther west along PA/NY border and into Fingerlakes on par with the best in the west. Pavement is not
- Lake Placid is a circus - Disney for grown ups
- NY Rt70 is nice through Catskills but rather dull through Adirondacks.
- Effin' traffic with all a-holes cutting in front and tailgating while you trying to maintain the 2up loaded gap in front.
- As much as I dislike riding in the dark we checked in home at 9:30. Those auxiliary lights came handy
- Forgetting long johns home was dumb. You need them this time of the year

Out of surprises LED tail bulb went out on the first day, we were caught with the dark coming and no tail/brake light.

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Sounds like a great trip. I did a 3 day (solo) to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (then home to Mass on Friday) and I agree, leaving the long underwear at home would have been a mistake. I camped the first night and motel the 2nd. Cool foggy mornings that took a while to climb into the 60's calls for the extra layers.
Great time for foliage though, and the traffic wasn't too bad on the weekdays.
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