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Danish website:

Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 - Fantastisk motorcykel -

Here it is translated:

"MagaCin have spent the day at the neck of the new Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom. And let's just start with all superlativerne before they are forgotten. DL 1000 anno 2014 is a true adventure, the price in mind. It does so darn much good, why the low price can be hard to grasp. And, of course, the news the previous version with several lengths bitches.

Honestly, it's not quite in the class with BMW R1200GS, but it comes close in most disciplines. Should BMW R1200GS is equipped with Traction Control, which is standard on the Suzuki DL 1000 2014, require BMW investment almost DKK 100,000 more than the investment in Suzuki. So much better is not, so the massive BMW additional cost can be justified.

Gentle as a lamb on the Suzuki Engine is extremely smooth. It pulls cleanly from approximately 2,000 rpm, which is unusual for such large V2 engines. It makes it easy to grapple, and relaxing to drive. Suzuki is really enough in the rear on engine power compared to its competitors, but it does not mean much since 100 HP rows for the majority.

Also the engine's ability to acceleration at low revs, matched by most competitors. Only Kawasaki are at the same level as Suzuki. But again, it does nothing to Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom accelerates slightly slower than the competition when it's done so smooth and without drama.

While some of its competitors can feel big and clumsy when they finessed at low speed, feels Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom handy and easy to grapple. A narrow seat, narrow motorcycle, sensible width at handlebars and gentle engine makes DL 1000 V-Strom for a playmate all want to be friends with.

Get but small failings, of course, there were also a few bad habits from DL 1000 we would prefer to do without on today's trip. In the crosswind will DL 1000 like to dance around a bit on the roadway. And by gasjustering it may seem as if the fuel injection system on DL 1000 are not perfectly aligned. But here we are talking only about trifles. Therefore, no glaring errors.

Suzuki DL 1000 must become a real travel companion, it must of course be equipped with the original taskesæt. This costs approximately 18,000 kroner, but then it's also done with key system which means only one key for all locks on the motorcycle. As it should be on a travel machine.

DL 1000 is for all Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 is a motorcycle almost all can run. Also the novice. The most important thing is that the minimum height is 170 cm, so that the substrate can be reached safely. The narrow machine, the wide track and the gentle force of expansion from the engine, makes that even novices will find it easy to run this adventurer and travel companion.

BMW is still the best adventure-machine that can be purchased on the market. KTM Adventure is still the best when the road stops, but a new best has arrived in stores, and it is Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom. Suzuki makes for the most for each paid krone, no doubt about it, why this has to be the best buy in the great adventure-class. It will come as no surprise to MagaCin if Suzuki V-Strom DL 1000 ends up in the top 3 on the sales charts 2014."

I like this quote:"BMW is still the best adventure-machine that can be purchased on the market. KTM Adventure is still the best when the road stops, but a new best has arrived in stores, and it is Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom"

This bike continues to get great reviews :yesnod:
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The new BEST Value for the money!! :jawdrop:

I think it will be considered a Great Value, that is fun to ride, both of which are traditional Suzuki traits, especially with the V-Strom series.

This review focused on how many features were included, in such a relatively low price range, when compared to the competition. Also, how easy the bike was to ride and ENJOY. That is (and has been) the V-Strom story.

I stopped by my Suzuki Dealer earlier today. They are supposed to have a VEE2 for display purposes before this week is out. They will have it for several days, however, the Suzuki rep is keeping the keys:headbang:
I've seen and sat on the new Strom at the IMS in Atlanta. I'm looking forward to another "test-sit" in the dealership showroom, without so many people standing in line, waiting their turn for an imaginary ride.

My Dealer is concerned that they will not be able get enough VEE2's to meet the demand. Every time I stop by to see them, they remind me that by putting the deposit down in October 2013, assures me of their first Adventure model. I've got some history to keep, regarding my V-Strom firsts.
Got the first 2004 DL650 to come in locally. The first 2012 DL650 to come in locally. Now...they are guessing the first DL1000ABS Adventure should arrive in mid-April. I'm ready & I say, Brang-it!!
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