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Madstad Bracket + Stock style Windscreen - Best option for covering holes / slots?

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My bike ('08 650) came with a Madstad bracket, it does work well enough. It also came with a very large windscreen that had a fair amount of scratches and dings on it. The windscreen also just had four holes in it for the mount, not the extra holes or bottom slots seen in stock windscreens. My son has an '06 650, and his screen was a tall, narrow Cee Bailey that was showing wear and stress fractures. I picked up two Kappa (Givi) windscreens from a European eBay seller, the price was right and I like the size, about as tall as my old screen but a few inches narrower.
I installed the Kappa screen on my sons bike without issue, even added 1/4" spacers on the bottom two windscreen bolts to slightly adjust the angle and give more flow. It looks good, seems to work well. Added rick's Ram mount too, awesome bit of kit that came with my bike.
I haven't replaced my windscreen yet but looking at his, know I'll have a slight issue. I don't have the original long, narrow vertical panels that cover the bolts and the bottom slots. I probably could have planned better, but it is what it is. Anyone have advice? Should I look for those covers and bolts/screws? Find something to fill in the holes and slots? Go to my local dealer and buy the panels? Just install it the way it is? Curious what the collective wisdom on this would be.
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Try installing as is and see what you think after a test ride?
Those pieces are still available (about $15 each) if you want to have a more finished look. Otherwise, as mentioned, install and ride on.
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