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Lurker now on a Wee K7!

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Minnesota lurker now on a Wee K7!

Hello Stromtroopers. I'm Greg from Minnesota, and I'm a bikeaholic :biggrinjester: Seriously, since about 1996 or 1997, I've gone through about a bike a year... going all over the board from an Aprilia Falco and a 95 VFR 750 to a Valkyrie and a Road Glide. And everything in between.

For years, I've been thinking about a Vee, never really thought about buying a Wee.

Then the other day I was on ADVRider and came across someone's response to a WTB ad for a local to me Wee. We chatted back and forth, and I ended up making a serious consideration of the Wee. After figuring out the price and details, we met up the other day. I'm happy to say that I am now the proud owner of a K7 non-ABS Wee with brush guards, heated grips, case guards (SW-Motech), and newer Heidenau tires.

I still have a huge grin on my face from the 100-mile ride home ... I was out until 1 a.m.

Next on my priority lits for the bike is a topcase and/or luggage. Are bag frames interchangeable between, say, 05 Wee's and 07 Wee's?

Also, some sort of helmet lock that is better than the underseat one that the bike comes with would be a plus :thumbdown:. Any suggestions from people? I"ve seen license plate frame mounted ones, crash-bar mountd ones, the old bike lock and cable.... looking for input.

Is a centerstand worth it? It appears my rear is spooled so I could go that way as well for garage parking, but even yesterday I sunk a good 1/2" into the blacktop at a ride stop.

Any other must-have farkles that I am missing?

Also a note to any MN / Western WI riders, always game to head out evenings and Saturdays.

Looking forward to listening and learning on the board. Thanks for the opportunity to be here.



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