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Luggage Cases - SWMotech Quick Lock + Pelicans (or gobis)

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So, thats the question.

Anyone got this combo installed? I'm a bit concerned about this "adapter sold elsewhere" line in the twisted throttle website. Is that rack all its cracked up to be? Security? Durability? Versatility? - can i really disconnect the whole thing in 30 seconds? wow!

p2 = the pelican cases, they sell for a mere $115 each, yet are light and built of what seems to be a basically indestructible resin. Am I missing anything? Most important criteria to me is to find a tough case that can take a fall and protect the bike, and of course hold my stuff... and be completely detachable, and secure. so yeah.

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I have the SW racks and really like them. They can be removed in 30 sec. but would be easy to steal even with the SW locks, which are a joke.
Can anyone elaborate?

I am considering SW-MOTECH racks with pelicans (or similar) bolted directly to them. I am primarily interested in a secure solution. I am less interested in ease of mounting/unmounting. I intend to leave the cases on the bike most of the time.

The MOTECH quick release feature is nifty. But does that sacrifice security, even if combined with their locking retaining handles?

Is there a more secure option?
Maybe because Pelican isn't the only game in town, and you can get seahorse cases for ~$50/ea.
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