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Luggage Cases - SWMotech Quick Lock + Pelicans (or gobis)

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So, thats the question.

Anyone got this combo installed? I'm a bit concerned about this "adapter sold elsewhere" line in the twisted throttle website. Is that rack all its cracked up to be? Security? Durability? Versatility? - can i really disconnect the whole thing in 30 seconds? wow!

p2 = the pelican cases, they sell for a mere $115 each, yet are light and built of what seems to be a basically indestructible resin. Am I missing anything? Most important criteria to me is to find a tough case that can take a fall and protect the bike, and of course hold my stuff... and be completely detachable, and secure. so yeah.

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I have the SW racks and really like them. They can be removed in 30 sec. but would be easy to steal even with the SW locks, which are a joke.
Why are the locks a joke? I just installed a set of SWM to my S10 yesterday and noticed they really aren't secure. Are the locks problematic?
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