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Well I have had the opportunity to try both the new model (push button plunger) and the old style squeeze bottle. After lots of tweaking and screwing around I will be ripping the new improved model off my bike. My dad has long since thrown his "old style" in the garbage.

In my humble opinion, don't waste your money on either, stick with a can of old fashioned chain lube!

The new style does not like any kind of grit or gravel as it will keep the plunger depressed and bleed all the oil out making one hell of a mess. :headbang:

Take it for what it's worth....

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if u are looking for an inexpensive solution that works, check this one out:

Twin Feed Oiler Kit

Rider magazine gave it a highly recommended status.

i used it before my current Pro-oiler setup and its pretty good, works as advertised - no mess.

Only downside, u have to remember to turn off at the end of your ride and the, it can only hold enough oil for a 300-500km ride at a time.

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The new push-button Loobman oiler does appear to have the potential to get stuck open if grit finds its way into the oil reservoir, but for a price of $29.00 postage included direct from the manufacturer, I was willing to accept the challenge.

The DL1000 doesn't have many good mounting points that are readily apparent, but once you take off the front plastic opportunities present themselves. First order of the day is to whip up some decent mounting clamps using strips of aluminum and some 5/8" P clamps -

I chose to mount the reservoir on the left vertical section of the front fairing bracket -

It's up out of the way of road spooge so it should stay clean enough. I use a squeeze bottle with a length of tubing to fill it since it's pretty well hidden with the front plastic installed. Seems to be working pretty well so far - the chain's staying oily and there's little to no oil on my wheel and rear tire. And did I mention that it was cheap, uh... inexpensive?

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I have the new one and have had it empty out on my rear tire. Old style better if u dont want possibility of malfunction. It works good, best to activate it when u can look to make sure it shuts off. I only have to oil outside plates once in a while. It is a good product though. Great price!!
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