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Lowering link question

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Regarding the 650 Vstrom. . .

First question: What is the maximum that the front forks can be raised through the triple clamp. I have heard somewhere between 3/4-1". This would be without any fork brace installed.

Second question: With the forks raised to the max. . How much can the rear be lowered with a lowering link and still have the bike maintain factory stock geometry?

Hope this isn't too confusing!
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I'm fine with the stock handling. So, the Kevin baker 3/4" link would maintain geometry and the Kouba 1 1/8" link would lower the rear too much to maintain stock geometry? But, would the Kouba reduce handling response a lot.

Maybe I would be better off lowering front and rear through someone like Traxxion? I'm 160lbs and would not things too stiff. I prefer a softer ride because the roads in NY tend to be rough.
I understand what you are saying. I do need to lower the rear somewhat to get my feet flat on the ground. I guess the first step would be to lower both front and rear 3/4" and see how it feels first before going to more costly alternatives.
When using the 3/4" lowering link how much shorter does the side stand have to be for a stock lean angle? Is there a ratio which works also, i.e, x amount of lowering = x amount of shortening?
Great, thanks for all the useful info.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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