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Lowering link question

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Regarding the 650 Vstrom. . .

First question: What is the maximum that the front forks can be raised through the triple clamp. I have heard somewhere between 3/4-1". This would be without any fork brace installed.

Second question: With the forks raised to the max. . How much can the rear be lowered with a lowering link and still have the bike maintain factory stock geometry?

Hope this isn't too confusing!
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Stock rake and trail can be retained by lowering each end by the same amount, 19mm or 3/4" is close to the maximum lowering for the front and the only commonly available rear lowering link size not well over 3/4". The problem is the bike works much better with the front 10-15mm lower than the stock rear. The bike is more agile yet more stable because of its aerodynamics.
Traxxion does a fine job with suspensions. They are very expensive though. I have their AK-20 fork cartridge kit and spent $1395 on it as it is a custom in house application for the DL650. I didn't see any lowering option for the fork but some shocks are adjustable for length. Lowering the fork is done easily by raising it in the triple clamps as long as it isn't too much. Anything else will limit travel. Rough roads do not mean softer suspension. Suspension setup is dependent on your weight, load and riding style. Traxxion seems to do better with sportier styles.

I would not want to give up my fork brace or lower angle of attack much less lower the rear more than the front. The bike is soooo much nicer that way.
Many people with lowered bikes have gone back up a bit after becoming familiar with the bike. The balls of the feet turned out to be enough. I lowered mine 3/4" at each end to help get it on and off a table lift and now am comfortable doing that on toes only.
When I had my bike lowered, I left the side stand alone and am glad I did now that I have the stock links back in. A little care checking surface irregularities was the only adjustment. Taking a little off the stop to let the stand swing more forward and up is easier than shortening the stand.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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