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For those of you itching to get out of the Fraser Valley, I had to run up to Princeton and back today. I was pulling a 3000lb trailer so the Wee wasn't quite up to the task.:rolleyes: Anyways, the Hope/Princeton is in really good shape. The travelled portion is clear of crud, however the shoulders are still pretty thick with left over sand. There is a little bit of salt residue right around Allison summit, but other than that it is clear sailing, not even that many potholes or frost heaves.

I was up the Princeton/Summerland highway 28k and it is a little different story. Still a fair bit of sand on the road and a lot of the curves are littered with gravel and sand. Very doable as long as you're careful.

So there it is folks, supposed to be some good weather comin' up so it is time to get out and ride!:)

Anyone out today on #1 at Chilliwack around 2:00 on a silver V, rider with black fullface and yellow/ black jacket? You followed me a good chunk of the way to Abbotsford. I kept lookin' in the rearview and whimpering.:(
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