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Lower Clutch Adjustment

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I replaced the chain and sprockets on my 07 today (36,000 miles and the chain was shot. I won’t wait this long next time).

I removed the clutch thingy-ma-bob in front of the engine sprocket and when I replaced it, the clutch didn’t seem to engage and free up the rear wheel as much as I thought it should.

I took it back off and checked everything-looked OK, released the nut on the adjustment screw, backed out the screw a couple of times, screwed it back in till pressure felt and then backed it out ¼ turn. I retightened the lock nut. I noticed the rod that goes into the adjuster spins, is this normal?

No joy, clutch still doesn’t engage and release the rear wheel as much as it should. I’m tempted to take if off the rack and give it a careful try but thought I would check with the board for advice. TIA Ian, Iowa
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Hi, Here is how I do it, I use the 10mm box end to hold and back the jam nut off the set screw,

Then turn the set screw left until zero pressure for sure then back right until I feel tension then back left 1/8 or so, and with the screw driver still holding the screw I tighten up the jam nut,

I then do the final adjustment up at the wheel at the clutch lever, Your lever should feel good with an 1/8 to 1/4 inch or so of free play,

The silver rod you mention going into the engine will rotate so don't be worried,

Take your bike once done, and making sure that you have clear space in front of you check it out. Remember, if you are concerned hold the front brake when you have it running and ready to put into gear, release the clutch slowly, be prepared to pull it in and hit the kill switch if required,

I think you will be good to go,

Let me know,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,

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Thanks Blair, took it off the lift and everything was fine. Glad I ordered a second master link from you as I screwed up the first one.

Even on the second one, I got it a little tight. The link measures 19.87 mm wide and the manufactured ones are 20.0-20.5. I was stewing about this until I realized it was 0.2 mm difference. Seems to track OK with no kinking.

Can't repeat often enough the advice about measuring even 10 times when pressing on the plate!!

I expanded the end of the rivet to 5.6 mm and the factory ones are about 6.0 mm. Sound OK? I'm measuring with an HF digital caliper so who knows?
Thanks again. Ian, Iowa
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