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Lower budget...which year wee-strom is prefered in Canada? Differences?

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Hey there. Getting my licence again. Owned a Honda CT70 mini bike as a kid and then later a Honda XL 250. Most recently, a Yamaha Virago 500 was my first street bike. Now I am looking for a relatively light, peppy, reliable, fuel-efficient, lower emissions bike (ie liquid cooled and fuel-injected) that can go on a trip and explore dirt roads. It seems like the wee-strom is ideal. So, with that in mind, I wonder about the years and the differences each model year brings with it.

If I am looking at the older models (not a new 2012, 2011 etc)...what differences are there with each model year? Are there certain differences that make each model year a bit unique and/or preferable for one reason or another?

thanks in advance for any info,

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