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Looking for the guy.........

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Back in '05 when I bought my first Wee, I quickly became upset that the speedo was off. There was a guy in California that was making replacement speedo face that corrected the error. I bought one, I think it was under 40 bucks, replaced my stocker and all was good. I now own a new'09, and would like to buy another face from the guy, but I can't remember how to get in touch with him. Anyone here have some contact information for me?

Thanks much in advance,

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How far off is the speedo on the Wee? Valkyries are (average) 5 mph off (reads faster than you are actually going) but the Interstate with the electronic speedo is closer (1-2 mph off at 65-70), so how far off is the Wee?

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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