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Found Mechanic Knoxville TN area

Hey guys Thank you for the help. I found the man. Ed Huei ? Not sure how to spell last name. Anyway he was at Alcoa Honda, and BMW before that. He serviced my Lt and is a trained cert. BMW mechanic. My understanding from a friend that knows Ed well and is a long haul rider, he can fix anything and do it perfectly. I called about my DL1000 service, he seemed very knowledgeable about the bike and has everything needed in stock to adj valves. I am going to call him later and make sure he is OK with me posting his number.

I am not a mechanic and I know this. I change my oil, brakes and little stuff. I need valves checked and I have a seal on the front sprocket output shaft leaking and so on. I am willing to pay full shop rate, but I would rather it be someone out of the house who is a true motorcycle mechanic, not a kid 22 years old and does not give a shit. In AZ we had such a guy for our BMWs. He was 10 times better than the dealer and made sure everything was perfect. He was a jet engine mechanic by day for sothwest and the greatest BMW guy by night. Could someone live anywhere near Knoxville that is this same guy for vstroms. I sure would like to know. Or a shop that you know is good. They are around, I just do not know where.
Thank you
Kraig D 865-919-1915 cell
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