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Hi Everyone, I am looking for a DL1000 and any DL with Hepco Becker Crash Bars to test fit our New Frame Sliders on in the PNW or Lower Mainland BC area,

I am in final production and just want to confirm some spacer sizes for these bikes,

Anyone with one of bikes I am looking for can Email me Directly at [email protected] with a contact phone number and I will get together with you asap,

The DL650 is all done, and we have the Givi, OEM Suzuki, and SW MoTech Crash Bar fittings are all done as is the Fitting as a Stand Alone Frame Slider application,

These are being done in both Polished Aluminum for Silver Frames and Anodized Black for Black Frames,

Here are some sample photos in Silver of the Givi, SW MoTech, and stand alone,


SW Motech/Suzuki OEM

Stand Alone Frame Sliders without Crash Bars,

These are a very strong and robust design with a replaceable sacrificial puck designed prevent and minimize damage in an unplanned mishap or tip over,

Let me know if you would like to help out with the test fit. Once I have confirmed the final fit on the remaining models specified I will have them available on for my fellow Stromtroopers right away,

Thanks for all,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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