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I have always thought about the longest day about June 21 etc.

Ride up Wednesday 6/15 motel over return Thursday 6/16

from South East Connecticut and cutting over near Albany and up and over

Or anytime that week where there is like 16 hours of daylight.

So I am looking for a relatively quick rider, who passes cars
that might be interested in a long ride up and back

The destination is not important but in my mind now is
Alexandria Bay, NY at the thousand Island on the St. Lawrence.

2 lanes through Berks and then across Adirondacks it is about
540 miles

So day 1 up and day 2 home

I can and prefer doing this like Wednesday Thursday but I am flexible

I am talking to you because your here in ct, i am near Norwich

so PM me if ANY interest and as I would want to take a small ride 1st to see if riding is compatible
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