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Long Trip Coming Up - Suggested Maintenance?

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I have a big trip coming up in September - around 2k miles. I was wondering what you all would suggest as things to go through before the trip to address/replace, etc. to ensure a trouble-free experience. For example, I've heard that the clutch slave cylinder should be looked at/replaced, etc. I have a '05 DL1k with 38k on the clock. I was planning on doing the following:

valve adjustment
clean air filter (k&n)
new plugs
oil/filter change
wheel bearings?

I've already replaced the brake pads and the tires are fairly new. Hit me up with any other suggestions!
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I say that as long as the normal maintenance has been kept up you should be good to go. But I would:

Clean and Lube the chain
Change the Oil and filter
Check coolant level
Check brake and clutch fluid level
Check tire pressure
Check to make sure all the scews and bolts are tight

Make sure you get all the stuff done a week or so before you leave in case you find something that needs to be replaced or something just goes wrong.

Hope this helps.

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I just did a 2 week, 8300 Km ride through Wa, Id, Mt, Wy, Co, Ut, NM, Az, NV, Ca, Or, Wa and home. I checked valves (because they were due), changed coolant, replaced rear brake pads, changed all the brake fluid, new oil and filter, cleaned the air filter, cleaned and lubed the chain. My bike had 32,000 Km on it when I left. Had to get new tires in Las Vegas. If the bike is regularly maintained, just go. 2000 miles is not that far.

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long ide

At least s importance when doing a long trip is the condition of the rider. Dont jump into several 3 or 4 hundred mile days without conditioning yourself. Start with a couple of hundred mile days and build up to long days in the saddle. You will be the most likely part to break down if you dont condition yourself. Curt

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As long as you have done the normal maintenance you really shouldn't have to do anything special. 2000 miles isn't a big trip from the point of view of the bike.

You might want to focus on what to bring along.

I suggest a tire plug kit and an air pump in case you have a flat, and bring your chain lube as well. If bugs are a problem in your area a wet microfiber cloth (in a bag) and a dry one will make taking bugs off a piece of cake and will be very handy. I find having a throttle lock and a throttle rocker invaluable as they take strain off your wrists as well as let you take your right hand off the throttle. If you don't already, you should consider ear plugs as the noise can really wear you down. If your riding gear isn't waterproof then some rain gear is a good idea. Don't foget to bring chargers for your cell phone and any other electronic devices.


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Thanks for the tips, guys. I forgot to mention that the chain and sprockets are fairly new as well. I do have a throttle lock (wouldn't dream of riding without it now!). I'll definitely do several shake down runs to make sure I'm up to the challenge as well as the bike.

Now that we are talking about essential things to bring, I have a plug kit, tools, and an air pump along with rain gear and ear plugs. Any other suggestions? I like the microfiber cloth idea.
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